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How to eat Organic barley grass powder


Shake the young Organic barley grass powder to the bottom of the void first. Fill a graduated cup with a lid with 150ml of cold water below 30°C (note: no metal utensils are allowed) and then add the wheatgrass powder. Cover and shake well before serving. Organic barley grass powder manufacturers tell you that you can also add honey and fruit juice at the same time for a better taste.

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But it should be noted that:
Organic barley grass powder manufacturers tell you that oat juice has a slightly grassy and sweet taste. If you are not used to drinking it for the first time, you can drink it with other juices, but it is best to drink pure wort juice and water to dilute it. A young organic wheatgrass powder manufacturer tells you that drinking 50-100 grams of wheatgrass juice every day can maintain energy, smooth skin, keep away from diseases, and cope with the tension and stress of modern life. First drinker will feel noticeable effects within 1-2 weeks. The best time to drink alcohol is one hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. Ordinary disease once a day, severe disease can be taken 2 to 3 times a day. Drinking diarrhea or a slight strange feeling in the stomach should reduce or stop taking. The amount of alcohol you drink should be able to match your body's response. Do not use when you have a cold. There is no need to taboo food, it is best to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. The raw material of Organic barley grass powder is complete nutritious vegetable food, so both boys and girls can drink it, and the daily drinking amount can be determined according to their physical condition.

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